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About Me

My name is Nicky as mostly known by my family  and friends.  I am a finance professional, internet marketer and live in UK. My background is over 20 years experience in the corporate financial management in London, and within the past  7 years combining that with Internet Business.
For seven years, after this successful career as an Accountant I started feeling weary of Corporate life as Accounts  Consultant. Constant unpredictable changes in the economy made it easy for my gradual decision to explore other areas of work life balance in the early 2000.

This time internet opportunities were evolving, few people were already making a living from internet business. I made the conscious decision , the economy, was going into the stage where we no longer talk of jobs for life. I saw an opportunity to combine my skills to develop my career to such a level, I can educate and help people so they will have less reliant on rigid employment based economy. My dream was to learn as much as I could to master all the strategies and tricks to become one of the TOP people earning a living from the internet. I was fully convinced it can be done with patience and hard work.
When people hear or think of making money online, they should not see it as an easy alternative or get rich quick. Far from that,  it’s completely new learning curve, which I would gladly equate to four/five years degree course in the University. But the difference is that the University courses are well structured, in terms of program contents for each year of study, and due to  many years of experience of those running the institutions. This  is far from the case with making money on the internet. Internet is full of wider opportunities, but no clear concise structure to reach them as quick as people would imagine. It’s often likened to a big pie or cake, you have to decide which side of the pie you want, and that decision is not easy where you are starting.

I write this to encourage anyone if you are contemplating, and  completely believe that you  can better your live and your family by making decent living on the internet and from the comfort of your home, as your own Boss, set your targets, no 9-5 rush hour, no office politics, etc, that it can be done, and believe me it’s priceless what it’ll adds to your life in general.
I struggled many years to get to where I am today and I have vowed to make it easier for others by using my versatile skills to simplify the business start up process and teach people the skills that’ll help them have better life style that enables them to create wealth and fulfill their dreams which they would have been unable to achieve while being an employee.

After many years of corporate life myself, I believe every human being deserve to have a choice of what we do especially towards the aging process.
Nickymenakayaonline blog is an Internet marketing platform that teach and provide skills from master marketers themselves, the new tricks, strategies and step by step approach on those activities to make an income online.

“Good business relationships should not be built to go fast, they should be built to go far”, Simon Sinet

Am proud to say that this website have been big success of the above phrase, and have helped thousands of people to power their dreams through E-Marketing, being inspired by skills and activities we teach and recommend that include:
• Building your own website
• Word Press wealth
• Domains, and Hosting
• Affiliate Marketing programs
• ClickBank Marketing
• Membership sites
• Social Media marketing, include: Face book, Twitter, UTube, Pinterest etc
• Cash flow Planning
• Tax Planning and Returns
• Book keeping and Accounting, and many more.
From time to time we would recommend products from any of the above areas or as inspired the users of the site, and provide solutions to questions, listen to suggestions, basically work together to grow online business.
Do feel free to leave your comments, messages, questions below.